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Our History

Desarrollos Tecnológicos S.A. (DT S.A.) is an engineering and metal working company focused mainly on the mining sector. The company was established in 1994 starting with the production of mining bodies. In the year of 2011 was acquired by Komatsu. The plant is located in the City of Santiago in Chile, and it has 22.000 Sq.Mts with a staff of over 130 people.

Thanks to the characteristics and development of it’s products, DT S.A. has become a world-class supplier with more than 1500 DT Hi-loads Bodies sold to the largest mining companies around the world.

DT S.A. develop modern and productive dumps for the mining industry. All our engineering designs and technological improvements have been developed over years of evolution of the DT-HILOAD® concept.

A constant research and development program, combined with the most advanced resources for the structural and predictive calculation of fatigue, gives us a profound advantage over our competitors. These resources, along with extensive experience validating results at work, have made us industry leaders.

The patented curved design and the characteristics of elastic deformation in loading and unloading cause the use of abrasion resistant materials have generated a hopper with a flexible body and extreme lightweight robust body to beat the demands of each mining operation.

Francisco Aguirre

General Manager

Francisco has an extensive experience for more than 30 years in Mining Business with a degree in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering.

He has traveled visiting the most important mines around the world for many years analyzing problems and offering solutions for specific applications.

Do not hesitate contact Francisco for any question or comment.
Direct Phone: +56 (9) 8464 6300

Our innovative shape design (patented) allows us to deliver a stronger dump body built with, less but more resistant, Antiabrassive steel material to MAXIMIZE PAYLOAD. 

The elliptical shape of our DT Dump Bodies REDUCES CARRY BACK, reduces tire wear and fuel costs, and provides a safer loading process.

All of our bodies go through FEA ANALYSIS to ensure strength, durability and longevity.