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Parts and Components

We understand that a business does not finish at the end of the sale, which is why we have a complete after-sales service to guarantee the greatest operational continuity of your DT-HILOAD® equipment.

The support of our after-sales service guarantees our customers a fast availability of original spare parts, in which our specialized engineers evaluate, in each case, the best solution to their job requirement, providing safety in the maintenance of our products.


DT S.A. offers a wide range of off-site repair and maintenance services for mining equipment. Our specialized technicians can advise you on the preventive maintenance plan for your components, emergency repairs, over-haul and/or major repairs.

Our mining equipment maintenance services cover a range of equipment, including DT-HILOAD® hoppers, hydraulic shovel buckets, front loader buckets and dozer blades.

Workshops fully equipped with the latest in welding systems and heavy duty crane bridges are available for maintenance and off-site repair of their equipment, together with highly qualified personnel and external quality controls that ensure the durability and optimal performance of the equipment repaired



Technical Support

We provide technical advice and supervision through engineers and technical specialists with high-level of technical support to operators and specialists, analyzing the performance of DT-HILOAD® equipment. This supervision creates customer’s specialization with detail information increasing communication and customer satisfaction.

We also support our customers with the administration of guarantees, coordination of improvements products, marketing campaigns, education, trainings and maintenance, new and innovative job practices, procedures, as well as detailed monitoring of operation equipments.

Our TA has managed to certify coaches in the knowledge of the structure and operation of our equipment, in the assembly, operation and maintenance of the same with the support of DTSA. This allows us to deliver a good level of practical and professional knowledge to our clients in their workplace and in their own language.

Technical Support is essential for our organization, which allows us to deliver specialized knowledge of our products to our customers.


We factor in many critical aspects, from material to wear patterns and much more – all we can, to deliver the perfect dump body for your application. Using a combination of traditional engineering analysis and finite element analysis, the designs are evaluated for several cases encountered during operations. Simulations of both, normal operating conditions and abnormal conditions, in which failure may occur, allow the engineering team to optimize the design to ensure strength, life, and optimize weight.