Phase X Dump Body

Product Description

Our Dump Body is manufactured almost entirely with anti-wear steels with low weight. Our original patented design, allows increase the amount of material transported per trip without exceeding the maximum weight authorized by the truck manufacturer.

The robust design of the DT-HILOAD® Phase IX Dump Body provides excellent wear resistance and with its unique (repairable) construction system considerably reduces downtime of the truck.

The DT-HILOAD® Phase IX hopper has a flexible and curved structure that does not require so many beams to support it. Therefore, a lighter hopper is obtained even when a higher floor thickness is used, so it is more resistant to shocks and wear, in addition to minimizing fatigue damage due to the dome effect that in turn reduces Maintenance costs considerably and many other benefits for the user.

We produce Dump Bodies for Mining Trucks for all Makes!

Komatsu, Caterpillar, Euclid-Hitachi, and more…